About Us

What is FootSteps?

FootSteps is a Christian interdenominational weekend retreat program for teens in grades 9 through 12. FootSteps helps teens of all faith backgrounds (or no background at all) to grow in their faith walk. To this end, teens listen to talks, do group activities, engage in discussions, worship, sing, pray, eat, share, and make new friends.

Teens on a FootSteps weekend come from a variety of backgrounds with different family, school, and faith experiences. This diversity makes coming up with a single description of a FootSteps weekend difficult. However, ask FootSteppers for their reflections on a weekend and terms such as “fun,” “exciting,” and “life-changing” are commonly heard. Many teens that complete a FootSteps retreat come back as team members on subsequent weekends or participate in PrayerSteps.

Held three times per year, each FootSteps retreat begins on Friday evening and concludes on Sunday afternoon. Weekend events are led by teens that have completed one or more previous FootSteps retreats. A small group of adults supervises and helps as needed; however, much of the success of FootSteps results from the very deliberate decision to create a youth-led program.

What is PrayerSteps?

PrayerSteps is an extension of the FootSteps program. It is held at the same time as the FootSteps weekend. Youth and leaders meet for three days of prayer, singing, fun, fellowship and many surprises. Attendance at PrayerSteps is open to all FootSteppers, whether they have ever served on a FootSteps team, and FootSteps Alumni (those beyond the age limit of the FootSteps program) up to age 21.

How can I get more information?

If you would like additional information about the FootSteps or PrayerSteps programs, please click here for contact information.